Avid Media Composer 5 New Features Video

Here is a video of Avid Media Composer 5’s new features.


No doubt that they’re now listening to editors and trying to attract some Final Cut Pro editors.


The AMA features look great. I wonder what type of performance we’ll get from editing native R3D 4K files though. As for HDSLRs, I’d still rather convert to DNxHD for finishing / color correction. I just wouldn’t want to keep it in h.264 format. Hate LONG GOP.


Looks interesting. Basically, it automatically changes the mode depending on where your cursor is in the timeline. Pretty cool, but I think I would keep the timeline the way it is or maybe just enable some of the segment mode options. I wonder if you can snap to the playhead, but I doubt it. That’s what A LOT of Final Cut editors do but as I said IN MY LAST POST, you can’t snap to the playhead in MC4. You have to set an in or out point. Either way, interesting feature.


This is what I’ve been waiting for. Previously, you had to have your HD monitor hooked up to the video card (or if you had 2 monitors and an HD display, you need 2 video cards) to trick Avid into thinking it’s the secondary monitor in order to get fullscreen playback. And even then, tearing in fast moving video was an issue (however minor it is). Now, we have a CHEAP monitoring solution in the MXO2 Mini ($500 for the non-MAXX) version. This is great, but I’d like to see support for AJA, BLACKMAGIC, and the rest of the MXO2 family. This is only the beginning and hopefully we’ll see that support later. But the MXO2 Mini is a good pick for starters. This is the beginning of a new era for Avid I think. We’re finally getting a cheaper solution for monitoring.

Full-Quality HD-RGB Processing

Hey, better quality finishing in Avid Media Composer? Sign me up!


There’s a rumor flying around on Twitter that it’s supposed to have RED ROCKET support! Another plus!

Here’s a detailed description of the key features of Avid Media Composer 5 from Avid’s website.

Work Directly with RED Using the Newly Improved AMA
With Media Composer 5, AMA (Avid Media Access) has been completely reengineered, so you can work natively with more file-based media formats now and in the future. With the new and improved AMA, you can speed up RED workflows by directly accessing RED files (.R3D) in Media Composer without having to prepare them through MetaFuze (all footage is scaled to HD frame size). Plus, you have access to its full metadata and color management data too.

Edit QuickTime Formats Natively
Get native access to all popular QuickTime formats, with full access to clip metadata. Thanks to AMA, you can natively access and edit any movie that can be played in Apple’s QuickTime Player (including Apple ProRes and .mov files captured by Canon 5D and 7D cameras) right in Media Composer — no transcoding, rewrapping, or logging and transferring required.

Drag and Drop Video and Audio to Edit
Get comfortable — with Media Composer 5, you can truly edit the way you like. In addition to the standard way of editing, you can also now directly manipulate elements in the timeline to edit video and audio. Drag and drop clips anywhere you want on the timeline to rearrange sequences. And grab a clip’s in or out point and drag to trim a scene, dialog, or music.

Get Full-Quality HD-RGB Processing
Keep those finishing jobs in house, and deliver the highest quality color and effects work, with support for full-quality 4:4:4 HD-RGB color space processing in Media Composer. With the higher resolution detail, you can perform color correction, keying, and effects work with greater precision and ease. And if you have a Nitris DX-based system, you can digitize, process, monitor, and output (output in Symphony systems only) projects in HD-RGB, using the two HD SDI connections to handle the high-bandwidth resolutions.

Monitor Video Externally through Matrox MXO2 Mini
If you don’t have a Nitris DX- or Mojo DX-based system, Media Composer 5 opens the door to third-party workflows, enabling you to monitor video externally using the Matrox MXO2 Mini interface, which is available for Mac and Windows systems. When paired with Media Composer software, MXO2 Mini becomes a dedicated, high-quality monitor-only solution for file-based or workgroup production, so you can view your video work in real time without any major expense.


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